Accounting Records – Book Keeping

Accounting records and book keeping are vital issues for all types of businesses to enable its owners, directors or management to be aware of all transactions conducted by the business and to be able to measure the degree of success of the business as a whole or of a particular aspect of it. In addition ,maintaining adequate accounting records id essential for tax purposes.

IC’s Small Business Department caters for the services of accounting records maintenance and book keeping and will provide you with all relevant reports as frequently as required .

We employ accountants and book keepers who will permit you to maintain the accounting records for your business at a fraction of the cost of a full time accountant.

Additionally, once your business has sufficiently grown and circumstances are suitable enough for your business to employ a full time accountant , we shall advice you accordingly and smoothly transfer all the data relating to your business to ensure an uninterrupted flow of you operations.

Some of the services provided by IC in this segment are as follows:

General Accounting Cash Application
Bank other Reconciliation Payroll
Records Management Billings
MIS Reports Regulatory Reporting
Accounts Payable Time and Billing
Accounts Receivable Budgeting
Cash Disbursements Financial Reporting
Credit and Collection Asset Accounting Management
Financial Analysis

Internal Audit

The benefits that will enhance to the client’s management from the internal audit services may include ,but not be limited to , the following :

  • Sound advice on operations, performance and internal audit.
  • An assessment of whether the procedures adopted comply with the envisioned policies.
  • An assessment of whether best practice are being implemented throughout the organization

An in-house internal audit department, although it may be considered a long term investment, can be quite costly in the short term. Accordingly, outsourcing of such a service means that our clients will only pay for the productive hours worked by our internal audit team, thus saving time, training, equipment, tools and office space at the same time getting the benefits of the service.

Taxation Services

The Company you choose to handle tax outsourcing should be professionally strong enough to provide you with the services you need. At IC our state-of-the-art tax outsourcing solutions and proven methodology enable clients to substantially reduce cost, while focusing on their core business. A trusted tax outsourcing partner with the ability to help improve your process while reducing costs, IC can offer your company a tax outsourcing solution designed to meet your needs.

MIS and Systems Review

  • Review of management systems.
  • Advice on Management Information Systems (MIS).
  • Design of systems for budgetary control, fund management, and costing.
  • Design of underlying Accounting and Office record system.
  • Advice to the methods and procedures required throughout the organization.
  • Assisting in installing systems and procedures or modifying existing ones.
  • Prepare manuals for recommended systems, procedures and methods

Information Technology Strategy

  • Identification of information needs of each functional area.
  • Advice on application software solutions for business needs.
  • Commercial evaluation of hardware and networking options.
  • Implementations and Training on the proposed Information Systems.
  • Organization of the Information Systems Department.

Software Development and Implementation

Information Consultant covers all stages of software development from collecting customer requirements and their analysis to implementation, further maintenance and support.

Information Consultant offers software development services in the following fields:

Business Applications

Development of data management solutions for a wide range of business tasks: workflow automation, data maintenance, banking, analytical applications and systems for collection and analysis of statistical data.

Corporate Web Sites

Development of corporate web sites, intranet portals, and e-Commerce applications.

Software Migration

Migration of obsolete applications and software systems to newer technologies and platforms.

Database Applications

Design and development of database applications and databases of any size.

IT Outsourcing

Development of software according to customer specifications.


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